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[12/1] This is a summary of the current shipping restriction for certain popular destinations:

  • Normal airmail: OK, Tracking: Yamato Only – USA, Australia
  • Normal airmail: OK, Tracking: NO – Canada, Ireland
  • Not possible to ship – Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Israel, India, Middle Eastern, African and South American Countries

This (link) has the list of all countries

New Items

Igari Babymee, Whomee’s sister line
Sana Excel Eye Planner Palette Limited
THREE 2021 Spring Collection Re Evolution Dance
Uzu Eye Opening Liner 7 Shades of Black
Suqqu 2021 Spring Color Collection
Jill Stuart 2021 Spring Collection
RMK 2021 Spring-Summer Collection
Addiction Spring2021 Collection “THE MORNING DEW”
Kose Esprique Vinyl Glow Rouge
THREE Arising Sprit Lip Glow
Shiseido Majolica Milky Wrapping Foundation
Addiction The Liquid Eyeshadow Ultra Sparkle
LM Laduree 2021 Cheek Collection
Fasio Powderful Stay Moist Foundation
Maquillage Dramatic Nude Jelly BB
Amplitude Spring Collection
Kanebo KATE Japanese Folklore Heroines Limited Collection
RMK W Lip Rouge and Crystal
Decorte AQ Meliority Foundation
Kanebo Coffret D’or Moisture Rose Foundation UV
Ishizawa Lab Keana Baking Soda Cleansing Gel
Kanebo Global New Skincare

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