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[3/27] Due to International Postage Rates changes from Japan Post, we have updated our shipping policy accordingly.

A flat rate shipping surchage (between 500 and 900 JPY) is applied based on the shipping destination. The new standard shipping method will be International ePacket (Registered mail) where tracking number is provided with $60 USD insurance coverage. However, due to COVID, certain countries do not accept registered mail such as Australia, USA and Canada.

This (link) has the list of mailing restriction for all countries.

For full coverage, EMS (except USA, Canada and Australia) or Yamato Express (available for USA and Australia only) can be chosen. The rate will be applied on top of the shipping surcharge.

We will no longer ship to South America and Africa as there are many restrictions.

We apologize for the inconvenience and kindly ask for your understanding.

New Items

April 2021

Sugao New Souffle CC Cream and Snow Whip Cream
Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Acne Care
Cezanne 2021 SS Makeup Collection
&be New Point Makeup
Lunasol Light Spray Creamy Liquid and Flat Skin Primer

March 2021

Sana Excel Skinny Rich Shadow New Color
Decorte New SS Base Makeup
FlowFushi Uzu Eyelash Serum
Sana Excel New Eyeshadow Brush
RMK Color Foundation
Naturaglace 2021 SS Makeup
Kissme Heroine Make New Mascara
RMK Airy Touch Finishing Powder
Astalift White Jelly Aquarysta
Suqqu New SS Base Makeup
Amplitude Complete Fit Powder Foundation
RMK UV Protectors

Feb 2021

Kanebo Global New Base Makeup and Skincare
Jill Stuart Glow Chiffon Base Makeup
Kose Esprique Mellow Feeling Eyes and New Base Makeup
Kanebo Coffret D’or Smile Up Cheeks S
Kao Biore UV Barrier Me Mineral Gentle Milk
Whomee 2021 Spring new items
Visee Avant 2021 Spring Makeup Collection
Kao Biore Aqua Rich Light Up Essence

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