&Wolf by N-Organic

Simplicity while necessity

&Wolf is a cosmetic brand made by N-Organic

Brand Concept: N-organic is not just a beauty brand, it enriches your life, your mind and beyond. It allows you to cherish every moment of your life. N-organic is a lifestyle beauty brand.

Stylish and unique packaging

Three Promises: To be a “Beauty brand that enriches our lives,” N organic plans and develops products based on three “N”.

Natural – To bring out “natural beauty” by nurturing the original power of the skin and body with the power of nature. Therefore, N-Organic use abundant plant-derived ingredients in all products to deliver products that work gently on the skin.

Noble – Healthy women are considered “beautiful and noble.” Therefore, healing the mood of women is important for nurturing beauty. N-organic is uniquely blended with a pleasant scent to soothe your mood.

Neutral- With plant-derived ingredients, N-Organic selects “best for the skin” in addition to only anti-chemical. Therefore, N-Organic carefully and skillfully incorporates chemical ingredients that are only best for your skin.

Babymee from Igari Shinobu

With the great success of Whomee, famous makeup artist Igari Shinobu released its sister brand, BABYMEE.

BABYMEE aims to support women who want to be cute and beautiful as a brand message and it current contains three items in their current lineup.

BABYMEE Nuance Color Shadow
BABYMEE Nuance Color Liner
BABYMEE Nuance Color Mascara

THREE 2021 Spring Collection Re Evolution Dance

The new THREE Spring Collection Re Evolution Dance consists of some new eye makeup and shading/highlight palette.

The THREE Dimensional Vision Eye Palette comes with 2 new colors: 10 LEGENDARY LOVER & 11 PERSEPHONE AWAKENING

The THREE Art Expressionist Mascara comes with 2 new colors:04 NEW DAY DAWN & 05 NEW YOU VISION

And the Eyebrow items were completed revamped expanding the color range from 3 to 5

THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Browshaping Duo

THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Eyebrow Pencil

THREE Advanced Eye-Dentity Eyebrow Mascara

Last but not least, the new THREE Shadow Play Contouring Palette is the latest shading and highlight powder added to the new lineup of Spring 2021

THREE Arising Sprit Lip Glow




The new THREE Arising Sprit Lip Glow is the first release of the 2021 spring collection.

This Lip Glow is filled with fresh luster and vivid colors. It melts at the temperature of the lips and blends into your facial expression, showing freshness from the inside.

After application, lightly press it with a tissue to leave a soft texture and a dyed color gloss, and you can enjoy a more neutral and natural side of your lips.

It comes with 7 colors and each with a different look and finish.

Kose Esprique Vinyl Glow Rouge

Liquid rouge with vinyl glossy lips with a profound shine that will catch your eyes. It is moisturizing and transparent that gives a beautiful color with a strong presence.

The more you cover the vertical wrinkles on your lips, the more beautiful and thick the gloss lasts. Since it contains a high amount of glossy lasting ingredients that maintain a thick gloss, even lips with dry wrinkles will have a plump, glossy and beautiful finishing.

Moisturizing lips continue over time. A luxurious combination of moisturizing wrapping ingredients, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, argan oil, and squalane. It keeps your dry lips moisturized over time.

Although it is glossy, it is not sticky and has a smooth texture.

New development that uses a spoon-shaped tip that can be applied with a pocket. By opening a pocket-shaped cavity in the center of the spoon that contains sufficient amount of liquid rouge for thicker application if desire.