Kose Esprique Vinyl Glow Rouge

Liquid rouge with vinyl glossy lips with a profound shine that will catch your eyes. It is moisturizing and transparent that gives a beautiful color with a strong presence.

The more you cover the vertical wrinkles on your lips, the more beautiful and thick the gloss lasts. Since it contains a high amount of glossy lasting ingredients that maintain a thick gloss, even lips with dry wrinkles will have a plump, glossy and beautiful finishing.

Moisturizing lips continue over time. A luxurious combination of moisturizing wrapping ingredients, shea butter, macadamia nut oil, argan oil, and squalane. It keeps your dry lips moisturized over time.

Although it is glossy, it is not sticky and has a smooth texture.

New development that uses a spoon-shaped tip that can be applied with a pocket. By opening a pocket-shaped cavity in the center of the spoon that contains sufficient amount of liquid rouge for thicker application if desire.