Shiseido Senka White Beauty Serum in Foundation

Whitening serum foundation that combines both the whitening effect and base makeup that effectively handling of dryness, pores, rough skin and spots.

Bright skin finish with “Colored Skin Veil Formula” that doesn’t cause any skin problems such as spots or freckles.

  • SPF30 / PA +++
  • Unscented
  • Allergy tested

Cezanne 2019 Autumn Point Makeup

  • CEZANNE Gel Eyeliner New Color: 50
  • CEZANNE Curl Keep Base (New Item)
  • CEZANNE Toneup Eye Shadow New Color: 07
  • CEZANNE Single Color Eye Shadow New Color: 05, 06
  • CEZANNE Natural Cheek N New Color: 17, 18
  • CEZANNE Pearl Glow Cheek (New Item)
  • CEZANNE Lasting Lip Color N New Color: 504