Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder

Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder has been renewed and improved stress block and added 4D fit ingredient for better fitting and long lasting. In addition, a new bright up color has been added to the series for whitening skin.

Kanebo KATE 2018 AW Point Makeup Collection

In this collection, KATE introduced the new quad eyeshadow Vintage Mode Eyes and completely revamped the entire Mascara and Mascara Base items.

In addition, new lipstick Dimensional Rouge and Rouge Change Coat were released and they were meant to work with each other to bring out the brilliant colors.

Last but not least, new colors were introduced for CC Lip Oil and CC Lip Cream N. A new item called CC Tint Gel was also introduced and its color comes out brilliantly some time after the application.

Himecoto White Armpit

Himecoto’s White Armpit and White Ammpit Night Pack take care of your armpit to ensure it is clear and clean.

Easy application and effective!

RMK Glow In The Dark Autumn Winter 2018 Collection

RMK Glow In The Dark Autumn Winter 2018 Collection fetaures a number of limited edition point make up items. The theme of this collection is to demonstrate a striking and mysterious look in a midnight garden.

Sample Makeup Pattern:

Video Promotion: