Canmake Transparent Finish Powder

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Color Variation:

  • [PN] Pearl Natural SPF30・PA++

    Contains fine pearl particles that create softly lustrous skin, brimming with translucence. Purple pearl particles enhance translucence! For skin that looks purer and more translucent, from the instant you apply it

  • [PL] Pearl Lavender SPF47・PA+++

    Banish dullness with this lavender infused with gold pearl, which blends in well with your skin. Boosts the translucence of your skin

  • [SA] Shiny Aquamarine SPF17・PA++

    A blend of yellow, blue, and pink. Gives skin an ethereal look.

  • [SB] Shiny Bouquet SPF50+・PA++

    A blend of pinkish-beige, purple, and yellow. Gives your complexion a rosy glow, leaving skin free from dullness.