Jill Stuart Airy Tulle Lasting Loose Powder

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Supremely light and airy, like being wrapped in tulle. Loose powder that imparts an innocent translucence, for skin with a fine-textured finish.

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Product features:

  • With a light and moist texture
  • A face powder that feels like the airiness of tulle, and pleasantly melts to seal to skin. Applying it is like wrapping skin in airy tulle, giving it a fine and uniform texture and making pores less visible.
  • Maintains an ultra-thin beautiful layer that resists shine all day
    Contains Soft Spherical Powder. A sebum-absorbing effect prevents deterioration from shine, for a layer of makeup that stays so beautiful all day that you won’t even need to touch up.
  • One coat creates innocent translucence
    Loose powder contains plentiful moisturizing ingredients, so it doesn’t feel chalky and achieves a translucent finish.
  • Available in three colors to suit different finishes
    In addition to our 01 natural and 03 shimmer, we now offer clear and translucence-boosting 02 lucent that doesn’t hide the color of foundation applied beneath it.
  • The mesh area utilizes an elastic net with fine holes, allowing powder to be dispensed evenly.
  • Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.
  • Design has a vintage feel, like a glass container wrapped in tulle. The lid is cut into pleats that sparkle, and makes any dresser look gorgeous. The puff is decorated with a light pink ribbon that adds loveliness to the gesture of applying.