Jill Stuart Crystal Purifying Essence 150ml

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Product features:

  • For skin so smooth pores are hardly noticeable
    By simply applying the serum and lightly wiping it away with a cotton pad, it removes the old keratin that causes dullness and roughness. Skin is left with a smooth, crystalline translucence, inconspicuous pores, and a glowing radiance.
  • Cool and refreshing
    It’s made with a base that has just the right amount of cushion, so excess keratin can be wiped away gently without rubbing skin too hard.
  • Improves absorption of lotion used afterwards
    Thoroughly removing old keratin leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Lotion and other skin care used directly afterwards absorb into skin more easily.
  • With beauty essences that hydrate skin
    It’s formulated with moisturizers like apricot oil, raspberry extract, and prune extract. They hydrate while softening and supporting good skin texture.
  • Moist, yet silky smooth
    After wiping away, Silky Powder makes the surface of skin feel pleasantly silky.
  • Fresh and joyful sweet fruity floral fragrance.

Directions for use:

  • After washing your face, apply three or four pumps of the serum onto a cotton pad and lightly spread across skin, then wipe away.

Beauty essences:

Moisturizers: apricot oil, raspberry extract, prune extract, baby mint extract, squalene