Jill Stuart Illuminating Serum Primer

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Color Variation:

  • Goes on smoothly just like a moisturizing lotion, and easily forms an even layer as soon as it’s applied. It’s comfortable to apply, being non-sticky and light on the skin. Makes your usual foundation look even better.
  • Specially formulated with pearlizing agent and diamond powder.
    Leaves skin looking bright and dewy. Blurs light reflection to cover pores naturally, so it looks like your skin has been covered in a light veil, giving it an even and beautiful finish.
  • Formulated with silicone oil, which doesn’t bond well with sweat and sebum, so makes makeup last longer. Has a lasting just-applied-look finish.
  • Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free/ Paraben-free

Directions for use:

  • Use after preparing your skin with toner.
  • Evenly apply an appropriate amount to your entire face.
  • Do not use chlorine-based bleach if this product gets on your clothes.