Jill Stuart Loose Blush

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This loose powder-type single color blush with a soft Puff Stick creates both a rosy look that seems to rise up from within, and a delicate shimmer as if it has gently melted onto skin.

Lightly tapping with the cotton candy-like Puff Stick makes even the act of applying the blush look lovely.

The puff of the Puff Stick has light and soft fuzz that holds powder well and allows color to be applied easily by just gently touching it to skin.

Design features a cotton candy motif. The container is round like a piece of candy while the cap evokes the softness and roundness of fluff. The lid is cut into a scalloped shape that sparkles radiantly when it’s held. Tucked away inside is a fluff-like sugar pink Puff Stick.

Crystal Floral Bouquet fragrance.

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