Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact More Colors

¥ 6,100

Blush color that arranges six different hues into nine blocks that can then be freely mixed together. Creates an innocent, flushed complexion with a soft and blurred finish.

Set contains light milky pink, warm rose pink, vivid Bordeaux, clear pure pink, deep burgundy, and relaxed pink beige.

A charming palette of six hues in nine blocks, offering more than 20 different combinations of neighboring colors. From light through to deep and rich, mix a variety of different colors and enjoy exactly the finish that matches your mood and outfit.

A powder, yet so moist. The essence-in-base feels smooth on your skin, as though simply melting away. Skin Melting Wax allows for uniform coverage of the powder while blending it into your skin.

A semi-matt quality creates a soft and gentle impression.

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