Jill Stuart Radiance Drop

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Product features:

  • A moisturizing serum that feels mild on skin
    This serum tantalizes with a rich texture that melts pleasantly onto skin and is absorbed as if being drawn in.
  • Filled with emollient oils
    Capsules made from bioidentical phospholipids are filled with apricot oil and other emollient oil.
    When they touch skin they are absorbed as if being drawn in, delivering moisture deep into the stratum corneum. Even skin susceptible to dryness and poor texture is made smooth and hydrated.
  • Fills skin with deep moisture
    It contains specially-selected beauty essences like raspberry extract, acerola extract, and panthenol. They fill skin with moisture to prevent problems due to dryness, and keep it healthy.
  • Formulated with Crystal Powder, the secret to making skin even more brilliant
    It’s formulated with Crystal Powder, made from minute pink and white pearl. Crystal Powder imparts translucence and a healthy rosy color the moment it’s applied.
  • Fresh and joyful sweet fruity floral fragrance.

Directions for use:

  • After washing face, dispense a suitable amount into palms and blend into skin.

Beauty essences:

Moisturizers: apricot oil, raspberry extract, acerola extract, panthenol, glycerin
Crystal Powder