KANEBO Cream In Night 40g

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Revitalize your skin with 12-hour moisture while you sleep.

This night cream envelops your skin in moisture throughout the night, leaving it comfortable to the touch with suppleness and moisture. As the final step in your nighttime care routine, this delectable, concentrated cream nurtures beauty.

  • Envelops the skin like a face mask throughout the night, leaving the skin firm and supple with moisture.
  • The rich yet smooth texture melts into the skin from the moment it’s applied and adheres closely.
  • For use as a special care product, gently applying one spatula worth to the entire face, and then add another spatula worth for areas of concern.
  • Use KANEBO CREAM IN DAY in the morning and KANEBO CREAM IN NIGHT at night, providing 24-hour hydration to envelop your skin in moisture.