RMK First Sense Face Mask R (5pcs)

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This mask is for fluffy and firm skin with a rich serum.

A thick, moist lotion serum gently covers the skin and fills it with a moist veil. If you use it before going to bed, it will keep you moisturized until the next morning, leading to smooth and firm skin.

Relaxing W Rose & Lavender & Bergamot scent. The gorgeous feminine scent and the elegant scent of lavender and bergamot create a special healing sensation.

How to use:
After facewash, use this mask instead of lotion.
1. Take out the mask from the bag and gently spread it by pulling it from side to side.

2. Fold the eyes outward and fit the sheet to the entire face according to the position of the eyes. (Figure 1)

3. Make cuts on the left and right cheeks, hold the chin with one hand, and pull up toward the temples as if lifting the face line, and make sure that they are in close contact with each other. (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3). Cut the mask along the dotted line under the nose, pull it inward, and blend it into the nose and nasolabial fold to improve the fit. (Fig. 4 and Fig. 5)

4. After about 5 minutes, remove the mask and lightly apply the liquid remaining on the skin.

* Please add beauty essence, cream, etc. as you like after use.