Canmake Color Change Eyebrow

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Color Variation:

Completely change the look of your eyebrows, for a more stylish impression in an instant

High-color(no pearl particles)
● The brush teams well with the smooth fluid, ensuring perfect coverage of each and every lash.
● Contains no pearl particles, so you don’t need to worry about obtrusive shine.
Creates soft, natural-looking eyebrows
● Imbues each and every lash with soft, natural definition.
● Creates a soft, natural-looking finish without scratchiness, even after drying.
Simple to remove with warm water

♥ Nuance Change Line
When you want to change your look with a subtle hint of color
● The translucent fluid subtly alters the shade of your eyebrows without covering up the brow color below.
● Contains ultra-fine pearl for understated elegance.
Add definition to your brows
● The gloss-like fluid gives eyebrows a natural-looking gloss and springiness.
● The wax effect gently holds brows in place, so you can style them as you choose, whether you want the brow hairs to point upwards or follow the line of the brow.