Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In

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Erase lip color and improve the color and lasting power of your lipstick with our new Lip Concealer!!
The Savior of Nude-look Make-up
We’ve created a moist-type product containing moisturizing agents from our super-popular lip concealer!

The savior of nude-look make-up! Eliminates lip redness!
● Fantastic news for those with red lips, for whom nude-look make-up doesn’t go according to plan!Use this as a lip base, to completely cover lip redness!
Achieve the perfect nude-look lipstick or lip gloss color!!!
● Also covers the horizontal lines that are the arch-enemy of nude-look make-up!

For plump, kissable lips!
● A cute milky pink like flower petals – can also be used on its own as a nude-look lip cream.
Plump and pouty! Moist type, for long-lasting moisture
Moisture-rich formulation containing conditioning agents, to prevent your lips drying out.

Prevents lips drying or chapping, for long-lasting plump, pouty, girlish lips
Blend with your favorite color! Also makes it easy to achieve milky-look lips
● Use the lip concealer as a base for your lipstick or lip gloss, then apply over the top of your gloss, as though mixing them together, to give your gloss a milky look! Blend to create the ideal color for you