Canmake Marshmallow Finish Foundation

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Perfect that sweet-faced look with a soft, matte texture. Foundation with a marshmallow-soft finish

Matte, marshmallow-soft finish
● A fine-textured powder foundation that’s both silky-smooth and marshmallow-soft.
● The smooth, fine-textured powder softly envelops your skin, making pores and other forms of uneven skin texture less noticeable.
Creates a marshmallow-soft finish that never feels thick or heavy.

Designed to banish concerns about dryness and shine
● Contains a highly moisturizing powder that provides a dewy finish, without looking powdery.
● Contains a powder with an oil-controlling effect. Prevents shine, oiliness, and make-up run.
● Contains natural mineral ingredients offering a lightweight finish that feels just like bare skin.
● No need to use a specialist cleanser to remove it!
Your usual face wash is just fine. *(Only when this product is used alone)
● Surfactant-free, tar-based-pigment-free, alcohol-free, fragrance-free.