Canmake Royal Pearl Eyes

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Fine-textured pearl eyeshadow creates a luxurious shimmer and formulated with “diamond powder” pigment. Packed with high-luster ultra-fine pearl, for a luxurious shimmer! Each and every one of the multicolored array of pearl grains diffusely reflects light, creating a complex shimmer.

  • These tiny pearl grains cover your eyelids with a smooth, delicate shimmer that never looks rough or obtrusive.
  • Contains diamond powder and Exquisitely sophisticated shades for added elegance.
  • Gentle, versatile eyeline color, the eyeline color is a soft shade designed to complement the main color. Layer it over the main color to create a graduated shade or use it as another main color.
  • Clings to skin with a dewy texture, the finely milled powder clings to your eyelids with a dewy texture. You’ll be delighted by the run-resistant formula that guards against glitter fallout.
  • Contains beautifying (moisturizing) ingredients squalane (from olive oil), Olea europaea (olive) fruit oil, Macadamia integrifolia seed oil, sodium hyaluronate.