&Wolf by N-Organic

Simplicity while necessity

&Wolf is a cosmetic brand made by N-Organic

Brand Concept: N-organic is not just a beauty brand, it enriches your life, your mind and beyond. It allows you to cherish every moment of your life. N-organic is a lifestyle beauty brand.

Stylish and unique packaging

Three Promises: To be a “Beauty brand that enriches our lives,” N organic plans and develops products based on three “N”.

Natural – To bring out “natural beauty” by nurturing the original power of the skin and body with the power of nature. Therefore, N-Organic use abundant plant-derived ingredients in all products to deliver products that work gently on the skin.

Noble – Healthy women are considered “beautiful and noble.” Therefore, healing the mood of women is important for nurturing beauty. N-organic is uniquely blended with a pleasant scent to soothe your mood.

Neutral- With plant-derived ingredients, N-Organic selects “best for the skin” in addition to only anti-chemical. Therefore, N-Organic carefully and skillfully incorporates chemical ingredients that are only best for your skin.